4 Tips For Using Skin Oil

Skin Oil has many benefits, we’ve decided it’s the must-have beauty product of 2016. Here are a few tips to use it properly and enjoy all of its amazingness.

As a cleanser Wet the face with warm water, then apply a few pumps of oil all over the face. Leave on the skin for a moment before massaging in small, round strokes. Emulsify the oil with a little warm water and continue to massage. Then remove with cotton wool as you would a normal cleanser.

As a moisturiser Use a facial oil exactly as you would a cream moisturiser. Apply to clean skin, leaving about ten minutes for it to absorb before adding make-up.

3 For the body Mechanical exfoliants (ones with salt, nut shells, beads, etc) often come in a product that includes highly emollient oils to leave skin with a light layer of moisture to prolong baby-softness. Body oils make shaving a speedy, hassle- and mess-free process, while “dry” oil formulas (especially ones with gold particles) add sheen, nourishment and gloss to the skin.

In the bath While Cleopatra chose milk, and Kate Moss and Johnny Depp opted for champagne, modern beauties love to immerse themselves in a deep bath with some drops of scented oil for the double whammy – aromatherapeutic and skin softening benefits.

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This article was originally published in the January issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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