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There’s nothing quite as annoying as the labour and time involved in a daily wash and blow dry of your barnet. Don’t even get us started on how painstaking a chore this can be when you’ve bothered to get extensions too. And as we’ve all been told a thousand times, washing your hair too often is bad for your locks, depleting it of those natural oils that keep it healthy. So it’s good to give your gruaig a break, but for many of us, limp, greasy hair isn’t an ideal alternative. This writer gets about one day’s worth of freshness and shine before looking like an extra from Little Britain. Thankfully, the beauty gods invented dry shampoo. Here we round up our favourites.

Herbal Essences
(you’ll remember their ads in which the models make rather conspicuous noises whilst showering. That’ll be the effects of their shampoo, nothing else) come to the rescue with three ‘scent-sational’ options to refresh your hair in a flash. Ignite My Colour Dry Shampoo is infused with a lovely botanical rose fragrance and designed to perk up coloured locks. Uplifting Volume Dry Shampoo does exactly what it says on the tin, giving your roots a boost without that heavy feeling. Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo is infused with natural tapioca and a fresh mint scent. It’s lightweight and leaves your locks touchably soft. This one’s best for hair that’s already quite bouncy and voluminous in that it won’t add even more, unwanted height. Any one of these will set you back €3.99 for 180ml.

Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoo. Unlike some of the first dry shampoos to come on the market, you can’t see this product in your hair. It doesn’t leave your head with white powdery residue and, as an added bonus, it smells gorgeous. They’ve got three variants to choose from too. Pantene Pro-V Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo instantly revives limp, lifeless locks. Use Instant Refresh in-between washes to give hair a clean, refreshed feel. Pantene Pro-V Volume Booster Dry Shampoo revives hair with light weight, leaving hair looking refreshed and with added volume in less than 10 minutes. Pantene Pro-V Colour Saviour Dry Shampoo builds shine back into colour-treated hair; dry cleans hair and gives healthy-looking radiance. €5.19 for 180ml.


For those who can’t get enough of Aussie‘s sweet bubblegum scent, they’ve branched out into dry shampoo too. Hurrah! Aussie’s range smell delightful and comes in three (we’re sensing a pattern here) different variants. Colour Mate keeps your shade from dulling, reinvigorating your hair with Australian Jojoba Seed Extract. Aussome Volume is the ideal the quick fix for a between-wash of volume. It bigs-up, freshens-up and ups the manageability of fine hair. Lastly, Mega Instant keeps it simple, warding off greasiness for day to day use and fabulous hair. €6.49 for 180ml.



No review of dry shampoo would be complete without a mention of Batiste, otherwise known as the original pioneers of not washing your hair. The dream. At this stage in the game, Batiste have an enormous wealth of options, catering to your unwashed needs. They’ve come a long way since the original which, admittedly, we found a little too like talc in our hair. Now brunettes can opt for their darker version, while red heads have a dry shampoo all to themselves, Vibrant and Red. Recently, we’ve given their XXL Volume a go. Don’t take the name lightly, you really will be left with XXL hair. But for a night on the tiles where extra volume is always necessary, you’ll be glad of it. €8.99 for 400ml.


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