Get Adele’s Timeless Beauty Look: A MAC MUA Gives Us A Lesson

Like everyone else who walks this slowly falling apart earth, we love Adele. Her attitude is such a breath of fresh air, it’s extreme oxygen. Her music soundtracks every mood and has calmed down our cycle at times. And her beauty look is utter perfection. See the recent Hello video for further proof of her reliability.

The eyeliner is a simple statement, the brows retro fabulous, the lashes loaded and that smokey eye is as far from sad lady our commute efforts one can get. Retro fabulous. And her porcelain skin does all the talking. Don’t get us started on her blowdry. Big hair is our spirit animal.


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We’re so enamoured with the modern icon’s look we’re making it our Christmas season go-to. We got in touch with M·A·C Senior Artist Lesley Keane to talk us through achieving Adele’s look.

I absolutely love this make-up on Adele as it is the classic beauty make-up technique that suits every woman.



Foundation & Base

“I absolutely love this make-up on Adele as it is the classic beauty make-up technique that suits every woman. To achieve this look start with a matte flawless base. I recommend M·A·C Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation over well-moisturised skin, using the #130 foundation brush, buff a small amount on in a circular motion as a little goes a long way. No powder is needed after as it’s perfectly matte.”


Brows & Eyes

“Brush up the brows with M·A·C Clear Brow Set and fill in the gaps lightly with Lingering Brow Pencil. For the eyeshadow buff on Painterly Eyeshadow over the whole eye area with a #217 brush to create a blank canvas. Then with the smaller pencil brush #129 lightly contour the socket line halfway in from the outer eye using M·A·C Copperplate Eyeshadow, so the effect is a semi-defined line . Then go back to your #217 brush and soften the line with M·A·C Cork Eyeshadow using a sweeping motion Back and forth only use the tip of the brush so it’s a thicker line and you can barely still see the copperplate .”
adele eyes


“For the liner use a #210 brush and M·A·C Black Track Gel Liner. Looking down into a mirror quickly draw a straight line from the inner lash with a gradual lift to the outer lash and fill into the lash line. Then extend the line at the last lash in an upwards sweep towards the outer brow almost a cm in length. Open the eye fully and join the outer eye to the tip of the flick and fill in. Clean up any mistakes and sweep a clean dipped q tip under the flick to create a perfect tip. I always say eyeliner application is 50% application and cleaning.”

I always say eyeliner application is 50% application and cleaning.


“Curl the upper lashes with a lash curler and apply a generous amount of M·A·C Studio Sculpt Mascara to thicken and separate the lashes.”


The Pout

“Finish by dabbing on some M·A·C Patisserie Lipstick with your ring finger, patting it in to give a full conditioned plump pout.”

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