Infographic Shows You How Much Skin Product You Need

Most beauty experts agree on one thing. Us ‘normals’ may have burgeoning beauty cabinets, but we often under- or overdose on the amount of product we use on our skin and in our hair on a daily basis.

If you use too much, you’re effectively wasting your money. If you skim, you don’t get the much-needed effects products promise you. Thank the beauty lords for this nifty infographic from showing how much skin product you need.

This ‘Beauty Serving Size’ list illustrates via the medium of small items you can eat, just how much product you ‘really’ need.

When it comes to moisturiser, you should use an amount of cream on a par with two raisins. This portion promises your skin won’t turn into an all over raisin. For retinols and serums, no more than a pea is required. When applying mousse, don’t stray to a dollop bigger than a crabapple.

Read the rest of the list below. It’s so straightforward you’ll want to laminate this immediately to hang up in your bathroom.

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