Ombré Eyebrows Are A Thing Now

Michelle Monaghan Ombre Eyebrows - GETTY

We’ve had balayage hair, we’ve had ombré hair and we’ve even had ombré lips and nails; now, while we move our barnetts towards the style du jour – ‘ecaille’ – it’s time for our eyebrows to get their ombré on. Yep, in some experts’ views, it’s simply not enough to have eyebrows that are all one colour in 2015. Bear with us.

If you’re a dark brunette and you decide to go blonde, chances are, your heavy-set brows will be a little too stark next to your Kardashian-bright locks. But sometimes, lightening your brows in one fell swoop can be just as unnatural. Instead, Glamour spoke to colourist to the stars Corey Powell of Sally Hershberger on how he makes it work. Powell was recently tasked with giving actress Michelle Monaghan an eyebrow update to go with her brighter tresses and here’s what he did.

“We did an ombré eyebrow… They’re a little lighter on the inside, from about the middle of the brow in toward her nose.” Instead of lightening the colour of the brows towards the end where there tends to be less to work with, Corey adds some light to the brow arch which, he says, “blends with her highlights, brings out the green in her eyes, and really [brings out her features].”

Another brow expert from Sally Hershberger’s team, Robyn Cosio, said to Byrdie that this is “her number one technique that she applies to her A-list clients”, so perhaps it’s more than a fun fad. Thankfully, this is a trend that is far more subtle on brows than what you’d find on a two-tone head of hair. To create the look, various reports suggest you simply dabble with a lighter and darker brow pencil or shadow until you’ve created a subtle blend that enhances your natural brow shape, all the while adding a little extra light to the arches.

Elsewhere, Refinery29 create the look with a slightly different technique. Speaking to make-up artist Vincent Browne who gave one of their models an ombré brow, he says: “I use the brow pen to draw in individual hairs,” he says, “But, you can also use a liquid liner or a gel liner for the same effect.”

Will you be opting for an ombré eyebrow any time soon?

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