Rainbow Hair Is The Latest Beauty Trend. Feeling Brave?

Are you bored with your balayage? Over your ombré? Would you rather channel, say, a unicorn? Well there’s a new hair trend making waves and it’s far more exciting and adventurous than ‘ecaille’ which we wrote about previously. Yep, it’s all about the rainbow hair. The tendency towards pastel, ice-creamy hues is nothing new, but opting for all of the colours at once is now, apparently, the thing to do.

Katy Perry is one such woman who we reckon could pull it off like a pro, but is this the kind of look you’re going to get away with at work? What’s more, it’s going to cost you. Harpers Bazaar sent one of their beauty writers to take on the ‘sand art’ hair look and reported that the transformation wound up costing $900.

Based on sand art typically seen in fashion garments, this is a subtle blending of various colours from the roots of your hair to the tips and though we’d be far too terrified to try it, we must admit it looks pretty damn cool. There are no rules here; your colourist can flex her creative muscles here to deliver the most head-turning hair transformation.

Check out this video to see how the look comes together.

Feeling brave?

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