The Judges 2013

Ten top pearls of beauty wisdom from some of our esteemed judges. Get your notebooks out…

Pro Tip 1: “If you leave a cleanser containing glycolic acid on for ten minutes before washing off, you will mimic the effect of a mini in-clinic peel.”- Dr Jane Mulrooney

Pro Tip 2: “I spend all day telling patients to cleanse properly. My advice: Use a hot facecloth and a wash-off cleanser. Cotton pads and wipes just leave a nasty film on the skin.”- Dr Rosemary Coleman

Pro Tip 3: Always apply a touch of foundation before lipstick, as it will last longer, and as a final touch, pop a tiny smidge of pale shimmer shadow to the cupid’s bow to make your lips look extra pouty.”- Paula Callan

Pro Tip 4: “Use the number-three rule for applying bronzer. Sweep it from the middle of your forehead, around the hairline, down under your cheekbones, and down along the jawline – mimic the shape of the number three. Apply it to both sides, obviously.”- Sinead Desmond

Pro Tip 5: “Even if you have bad skin, never use full coverage foundation, it just makes skin look older and weighed down. Instead, choose a medium or sheer formula and a good high-pigment concealer for the problem areas.”- Leonard Daly

Pro Tip 6: “Despite popular belief, using a concealer one shade lighter will highlight, not cover, imperfections. Match your foundation exactly to achieve invisible coverage and a truly flawless finish.”- Kate Rose Crean

Pro Tip 7: “Rub an ice cube over your face and legs before applying tan, as it closes the pores and will ensure the tan does not gather in them, ultimately clogging them up.”- Libbie Ryan

Pro Tip 8: “Apply SPF 30 in winter and SPF 50 in summer every morning and wait at least ten minutes as to not dilute the effectiveness of your sunblock. This simple regime will prevent your skin from ageing by 80 per cent.” – Dr Katherine Mulrooney

Pro Tip 9: “Vitamin supplements will make more of an impact on your hair quality than any shampoo and conditioner ever will. So splurge on these instead.”- Mark O’Keeffe

Pro Tip 10: “Exfoliators are almost more important than moisturisers for great-looking skin. They get rid of all the rough stuff that stops you shining like a diamond and allows cream to absorb better.” – Andrea Horan



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