What This Make-Up Artist Can Do Will Blow You Away

We know there are some amazing make-up artists out there, who have such skill, that they can literally create a work of art on the face. Or in this case, on the eyes. Enter Israel-based make up artist Tal Peleg.

Using not just the eyelid, but also the browbone and highlight space above it, the 29-year-old Peleg crafts whimsical and sometimes pointed portraits and designs in miniature, all on the eye — and in the process, has become an Internet sensation. And rightfully so, as her work is unbelievable to look at.

She works full time as a freelance make up artist, and very fittingly, she also works as a designer. She studied make-up artistry in a make-up school in Israel. She told Refinery29 about how she came up with the ideas for her eye-catching designs.

“Makeup, for me, is art, just like painting on a canvas or on a piece of paper. After I finished makeup school, I studied graphic design for four years. After I graduated, I had a hard time choosing between makeup and design. So, in my makeup looks, I try to combine my love and passion for art, design, and makeup. It began when I started to push the limits between makeup and illustrations. I’ve tried to use makeup as something more than just a tool to make girls look pretty — as a way to express feelings, to tell a story,” she said.

She also told about the inspiration behind some of her most popular works of art.

Anti-Bullying Words can be dangerous, use them wisely.

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“People from all over the world suffer from bullying and shaming on a daily basis in the “real” world as well as social media. I tried to express the feeling of isolation and pain that the bullied person feels … words are thrown at him like many sharp knives or shards (made out of aluminium foil).”

Cat friends gather here! A photo posted by Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg) on

“This is probably my favourite work and one of my first eye-art creations. It was dedicated to my beloved black cat Louis. I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the shape of the eye and its natural curves as part of the illustration in a creative way.”

The Princess and the Pea (my first experience with colored lens )

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“This work is from my fairy tales series and was one of the most challenging to create. I think it took about 4.5 or even 5 hours … I used a colour lens because the eye was supposed to look like the pea under all the mattresses.”

“This image was created as part of Barbie’s campaign, “Be Super.” The campaign was all about the power of imagination and creativity, and Barbie asked me to express the little girl’s imagination. It was really hard work, probably the most challenging work of them all because of the miniature doodling on the eyelid.”

Insomnia {created after midnight }

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“The inspiration for this work was me trying to fall asleep unsuccessfully. It was late in the night and I lay in bed trying to think about ways to fall asleep. I know counting sheep may help but I thought painting them on the eye would work better for me. So I created this eye-art, and fell asleep right after I finished.”

Here are a few more examples of her amazing works:

“You will always be in my heart” ❤ This is a collaboration with the amazing Simone Simons (@smoonstyle), the vocalist of the metal band “Epica”. I’m a huge fan for so many years #fangirl Simone lost her cat Minou half a year ago, and since I know how hard it is to lose a pet, and Minou was so cute, I was heartbroken when I heard about it. I created this eye-art for Simone, in memory of Minou… illustrating one more moment of them two together. I guess that everyone who lost a pet could relate to it somehow… we all wish we had a few more moments with them… I would love to have a magical moment like this with my Louis, I miss him. Read Simone’s post about me on MAIN PRODUCTS Lid: @sugarpill Soot and stars mixed with Elemental chaos eyeshadow crease and up: Sugarpill Velocity and Holy ghost eyeshadows Eyebrow and dress: Monaco watercolor + @sugarpill Countess eyeshadow Black details- tree, cat, eyeliner: @mehronmakeup black watercolor and @physiciansformula eye-booster eyeliner Leaves of the tree: @sugarpill Penelope, Kryolan watercolor Simone’s skin: Monaco watercolor Simone’s hair: @sugarpill penelope and @concreteminerals Ember  Lower lash line: Sugarpill Countess and Goldilux Waterline: Morphebrushes gel eyeliner Mascara: @eyeko black magic False lashes: @thrivecausemetics – For every product purchased, one is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment.

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So… I *really* love cats. Can you tell?

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◽ Pandora’s box ◽ According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human female. She recieved a box, and was told never to open it… but she was too curious, so she did – and when she opened the box, all the evils of humanity came out of it and spread throughout the world… PRODUCT LIST ▫Eyelid: @sugarpill [email protected] over black base. ▫Box: Monaco watercolor, gold- @sugarpill goldilux ▫Evils of humanity: @sugarpill bulletproof, @mehronmakeup watercolors. ▫Pandora: body, dress and small details- Monaco and @kryolanoffical watercolors, hair- @kryolanoffical watercolor + @sugarpill penelope ▫Eyeliner: @morphebrushes  gel eyeliner ▫Spiral in the end of the eyeliner: @mehronmakeup black watercolor ▫Lower lash line: @sugarpill bulletproof, @colourpop Ibiza ▫Waterline: @ofracosmeticsisrael white rabbit gel eyeliner topped with @colourpop Ibiza ▫Mascara: @eyeko black magic ▫False lashes: @eylureoffical 050 ▫Brow: Black @mehronmakeup watercolor, @morphebrushes eyeshadow

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“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

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“After all, tomorrow is another day” Gone with the wind

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Today is mother’s day in my country – So this one is dedicated to my amazing mom

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The Moomins My favorite tv show as a child

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What do you think? You can see more on Peleg’s Instagram page.

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