10 Reasons To Be Excited For Magic Mike XXL

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As Nelly once said, ‘it’s getting hot in here’ (but we’re in work, so we can’t take off all our clothes, sadly). Is it the temperature outside or the fact that we’re wearing jeans and socks and boots in an office devoid of air-con? No. Eliciting various groans and self-fanning gestures from the staff at IMAGE HQ, it’s the pending arrival of Magic Mike XXL in Irish cinemas that has us hot under the collar today. So flustered are we at the prospect of Channing Tatum’s dribble-inducing body-rolling/gyrating/whatever-it-is-that-he’s-doing, we thought it wise to compile a list of ten reasons you too should be excited.

For those who need a re-cap, Magic Mike XXL picks up where the original left off; Mike has put the lid on his magic, deciding to opt out of the game for a better life (much like he did in reality), but that’s not to say he’s done with having fun. Here he regroups with the ‘Kings of Tampa’ for one last blow-out. The gang head to Myrtle Beach and needless to say, squeals, body oil and a whole lot of stripping ensues.

1. To begin with, here’s a little reminder of what came before.


2. Here’s another trip down memory lane to whet your, ahem, appetite.

3. Channing Tatum, star of this movie (and our dreams), not to mention producer, says we can expect a LOT more fun this time around. Naked fun. Here’s what he said recently to Pop Sugar: “It’s definitely lighter. It’s definitely more fun. It might be a little bit more up the alley of some things that people were expecting out of the first one. I would say it’s less dark, for sure.”

4. They’ve been working tirelessly on some new routines, and by the looks of things, Mike (Tatum) hasn’t yet lost it.

5. We bet you ten quid you won’t get ten seconds into this trailer before you giggle like a school girl as Joe Manganiello grinds up against a supermarket fridge before dousing himself in a fizzy beverage of his choice.

And you can expect lots of this as you leave the cinema…

6. . Four Weddings and a Funeral star Andie MacDowell turns up in this sequel, as does Elizabeth Banks whose comic timing never fails to amuse us. Jada Pinkett Smith also joins rank here and, judging by the trailer, she runs a pretty tight ship. Her role as ‘Rome’ was originally written for a man, so hands up for all the ladies. Johnny Depp’s new wife Amber Heard also lends her face to an already aesthetically pleasing line-up.5. Here, the original cast talk about what it was like returning for round 2, how excited they were to see each other naked again and how the extreme levels of false tan have permanently damaged their olfactory senses.

7. Joe Manganiello says you’ll need a seatbelt. Holy Moses.

8. Backstreet Boys hit ‘I want it that way’ features on the soundtrack which is obviously a draw all of its own.

9. As for those of you with your mind in the gutter, wondering how much of Channing’s Tatum you’re going to get to see, here’s what he said to someone who asked on behalf of their ‘friend’ during a Reddit session.

“haha “for a friend.” I do not do full frontal but I can promise you when you’re standing in front of a bunch of people in a very small thong it doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Your “friend” should be happy.” Read the whole session here.

10. Lastly, there’s the scene we frequently revisit when life’s getting us down. And remember, dear reader, it can only get better. They didn’t call it Magic Mike ‘XXL’ for nothing.


*Disclaimer: Apologies to all who are offended by the above objectification of men. Blame Channing Tatum and Steven Soderberg.

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