5 Emma Stone Facts

We love our August issue cover girl Emma Stone for so many reasons – her quirky movie choices, the fact that she tamed Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love (and got to see/touch those abs in the flesh), and the fact that she’s just 26 and has been nominated for an Oscar. But here are 5 things we didn’t know about the redhead which have made us love her even more … if that’s possible.

1 She’s all about her family

Emma Stone

Her parents are her number 1 supporters, and she talks about them non stop. She, her dad and brother have matching tattoos in dedication to her mom. So cute.

2 She gets anxious too

Emma Stone

Emma has been really open about the fact that she struggles with anxiety, and that acting has been her channel for stress and insecurity. We love that she’s brave and open about a topic that affects so many of us. You go, girl.

3 That’s not actually her name

Emma Stone

Yep, it’s true. Her real name is Emily. She had chosen Riley Stone as her stage name, but after guest-starring on the brilliant Malcolm in the Middle (remember that show!) she decided to go with Emma, a nickname that her mother gave her when she was little.

4 She has a Home Alone connection

Emma Stone

Sort of. She’s with Spiderman mega hunk Andrew Garfield now, but before Andy she dated Macaulay Cukin’s brother, Kieran Culkin, for a year.

5 She’s besties with Jonah Hill

Emma Stone

The pair met on the set of Superbad and hit it off. They’re still sups-good friends.

Need more Emma knowledge? Read the full interview with her in this month’s IMAGE Magazine, on sale now!


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