Adele’s New Hit: Yay Or Nay?


Adele’s on one hell of a roll since first releasing a teaser to the first single from her new album, 25. Hello made waves around the world, marking the Oscar-winning songstress’ return to the spotlight, and few will argue that it’s not a bloody brilliant track. So popular has the song become already, it’s been the subject of several comedy spoofs, and word on the street says Lionel Richie’s none too happy about her stealing the word that used to belong to him. Today, she’s treated us once again to another bellowing ballad – When We Were Young – sure to resonate with fans just as much as its predecessor, Hello.

The video’s also pretty cool, giving fans a sense of how your average jamming session with Adele might unfold. In previous interviews, Miss Atkins has said this is her favourite track from the new album.

What do you reckon, will this reach the same heights as Hello? Are you excited for the albums’ release or are you already suffering a bout of Adele overload?

The album will be released on November 25th.

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