Blue Ivy Dances at VMAs, World Melts


In celebrity baby terms Blue Ivy is packing quite the cache. Billionaire mommy and daddy? Check. Trademarked name? Check, and then cheque please. Viral video cuteness? All the North Wests and Suri Cruises can just give up now. Last night at the VMAs Beyoncé and Jay Z brought their daughter along – talk about presenting a united family front – and while Beyoncé was on stage delivering the type of marathon performance that will go down in television history Blue Ivy got out the adorable baby arms and danced along to ***Flawless. Check out the Vine here and get ready for some audible awwwwws.

While Blue Ivy bopped Beyoncé performed for an incredible sixteen minutes and received the Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award for her troubles.

Nicki Minaj meanwhile did a Miley and writhed around the stage for Anaconda. And she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during a performance of Bang Bang with Ariana Grande and Jessie J but sailed through it, as only Nicki and her arse-on-an-album-cover attitude can.


Miley however won the humilty award. Instead of Cyrus accepting her award for Wrecking Ball, a young runaway named Jesse took to the stage to talk about the issues facing homeless youth in America. Bet the world now feels bad about judging Miley and her twerking creepy Beetlejuice routine from last year. Miley and Jesse went for IN-N-OUT burgers after the whole shebang.

Katy Perry had the best fashion moment in an denim dress recalling Britney’s infamous number from a few years back.


Overall it seems a lovely night was had by all. Except the Kardashians who looked perpetually bored and allegedly texted during a tribute to the victims of Ferguson.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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