Whitney Houston’s Family Bring Lawsuit Against Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend

The fate of Bobbi Kristina Brown is one of the most tragic news stories of 2015. The only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found unresponsive earlier this year in a bathtub by her boyfriend, Nick Gordon. Now, even more disquieting details are emerging about the 22-year-old’s situation, especially about the alleged involvement of her boyfriend in her condition.

She was moved to hospice care yesterday and various outlets have reported her family have filed a $10 million suit against Gordon. The family are accusing Nick Gordon of physical and emotional abuse, the Associated Press reports, saying Gordon dragged Bobbi Kristina “upstairs by her hair” and knocked her teeth out hours before she was discovered unresponsive face down in a bath. She has been in the hospital since January, with her condition unchanged. She has not spoken or regained consciousness. Another ugly facet of the lawsuit alleges that Gordon transferred money from Bobbi Kristina’s bank account to his after her hospitalisation.

The police have been treating the case as a criminal investigation but have not brought any charges as of yet. This lawsuit is shedding more light on a case that has troubled people ever since the harrowing details emerges. The media at first speculated that Bobbi Kristina’s rumoured drug issues were connected to her relationship troubles and drew parallels with the death of her famous mother, who died in a bathtub in February 2012.

Regarding Bobbi Kristina’s move to hospice care, her aunt Pat Houston released a statement saying “We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God’s hands now… despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has continued to deteriorate, as of today, she has been moved into hospice care.”

Associated Press

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