Brilliant Christmas Cards

christmas card

There’s nothing quite as annoying as smug family Christmas cards, especially those obnoxious types that insist on making their own cards with photos of their family members forcing smiles in hideous Rudolph jumpers. ‘Look how happy we are’ they might as well be saying. Thankfully, this is less of an issue in Ireland (though we’ll probably get there) and more prominent in America. Along with the sickeningly perfect family snaps, often comes a ‘newsletter’ chronicling the family’s latest string of successes. Pass the sick bucket, please.

Fed up with this trend, single American Bridget decided to create some Christmas cards of her own, so refreshingly honest that they’ve managed to go viral after her brother posted them on Reddit. Bridget’s siblings all got married and began sending their own cards, and at that point, her parents figured it would be weird to feature just one child in their Christmas cards, so they kicked her out of that ritual too. Fine. She doesn’t need parents or a man to wish others a Merry Christmas like only Bridget can.

Behold, her brilliant ‘Single at Christmas’ take on the traditional holiday card.

christmas card

Bridget’s card from 2010

christmas card

Bridget’s card from 2012

christmas card

Bridget’s card from 2013

christmas card

Bridget’s card from 2014

The only question that remains is what will she do when she inevitably meets that special someone?


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