Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Look Like Chris Hemsworth Anymore…

Chris Hemsworth, everyone’s favourite hammer-wielding superhero and adorable dad significantly trimmed down for his role in the big-screen adaption of the true story that Herman Melville based Moby Dick on, The Heart of the Sea.

Posted on his Twitter yesterday it’s clear that Thor is gone and has been replaced by Tom Hanks in Cast Away with a truly awful spray tan. It looks like his beloved Wilson has just melted all over his face. While it’s an impressive feat to achieve for a movie, like Christian Bale in The Machinist, it makes us a wee bit sad.


Hemsworth plays first officer of a whaling ship that sinks following an attack by a violent bull whale. Shipwrecked, the crew are stranded for ninety days and the cast were all expected to try out the “lost at sea” diet and Hemsworth apparently took it very seriously. Check out the trailer below.

While we appreciate such commitment to a role, if we could have the real *ahem*brawny Norse god*cough* Chris Hemsworth please come back that’d be great, thanks.

Here’s a quick reminder of what he looked like before just to help you get through the day…


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