End Boxset Adultery With These ‘Commitment Rings’

The ‘Commitment Rings’ are a clever product designed by ice-cream makers Cornetto, which aims to stop squabbles over you or your partner watching episodes of your favourite show without each other. According to Cornetto, tv cheating is considered worse than cheating itself. We’re not so sure about that one.

The device works by using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that links to a video streaming platform, and using the partnering app, couples can choose which series they want to watch together. This gadget means that the show(s) they wish to stream will only be accessible when the two rings are together.

Alternatively, if the idea of Commitment Rings freaks you out, you could alway resort back to good old-fashioned trust. Cornetto is currently working on partnering with streaming websites, but you can register for your own Commitment Rings here.

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