#EPAtHome Is The Funniest Hashtag Of The Week

Heading off to EP? You lucky things, but most of us in this office were too late to get ourselves a tickets – seriously lads, they sold out in JUNE, what even is that?!

But cheering us up on this rather chilly Friday morning is the bloody brilliant #EPAtHome hashtag that’s been trending for the past few hours, telling us how to recreate, the muddy, it’s-freezing-but-my-beer-is-warm, weekend if you were doing it from home. Think overflowing loos, a constantly crackling radio in the corner, getting lost on the way to bed and what generally qualifies as anti-social behaviour. Marvellously instigated by @thatbritguyie who has the reins at the @ireland Twitter account this week, It’s the stuff of quality mirth.

Here are a round up of the best (so far):

Suddenly the weekend is looking up…

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