With The Fumbally, proprietors Luca D’Alfonso and Aisling Rogerson havecreated something new and interesting. It’s the culmination of four years spent travelling, running festival stalls and figuring out what suits, what doesn’t and what shouldn’t but does. They opened less than a year ago and, as far as trendy cafés go, they have a monopoly on the lower Liberties area that’s for sure, but The Fumbally would be a haven in any location thanks to its unique feel-good factor and super-chilled atmosphere. All the cool kids hang out here, designers and creatives from South Studios around the corner, NCAD folk, Pallas and Monster Truck studio artists – you’ll find plenty of fixie bikes chained outside. The food is based on world traveller cuisine, street food sourced from across the Mediterranean and North Africa such as ciabatta with slow roasted pork. Avocado, eggs and falafel are all staple ingredients. The vast space is impressive too, decorated with mismatched wooden tables and chairs, old gramophones and furniture fashioned from wooden pallets, which is comfier than it sounds!

Sustainable kudos Sam the chef, made most of the furniture with Aisling’s brother Brian. The large wooden table by the kitchen was made using recycled wood from the old Point Depot.

Don’t miss  They regularly host impromptu gigs by some of Ireland’s most talented musicians –  Lisa Hannigan, The End is Nigh and Sean Carpeo have all performed. Sign up with to stay in touch.

If you like this you’ll love The nearby Dublin Co-Op which hosts a weekly organic fair on Thursdays and Saturdays. Aisling and Luca run the monthly Dublin Flea Market and the Co-Op Café with a focus on pizza, cakes and coffee.

Cool coffee For any curious coffee buffs out there they serve Hasbean beans – a blend of 60% Ethiopia Kebel Konga washed and 40% Ethiopia Wote natural.

Best seat in the house We love the elevated corner (top right) with the Moroccan poufs and copper-tray coffee table.

Extracted from IMAGE Top Tables 2014 Restaurant Guide – COMING SOON!


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