Homeland Actor Reportedly Is The New James Bond

Being the big James Bond fangirls that we are (we can forgive the occasional ‘retro’ treatment of the female characters), we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming James Bond flick and equally apprehensive as to who might replace Daniel Craig in the title role. Spectre will mark his fourth (and reported final) outing as 007, and we have to say, we’ll miss seeing Craig in all his smooth-talking, skillful ass-kicking glory. He seems so suited as the special agent that we can’t imagine anyone else replacing him, but according to today’s reports one has potentially been found.

Multiple sources are suggesting that Homeland star Damian Lewis is to be signed into the role, following hints that Craig wants to wrap things up after Spectre. According to the Daily Mail, a source said: “If Daniel Craig leaves, it’s Damian Lewis who will be crowned the new Bond.”

“He is seen as an all-around international star who is perfect for the role. As he ages, he looks increasingly suave and sophisticated. Bond bosses are now convinced Damian is their man.”

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Earlier this year, Craig implied that November’s Spectre release would be his last. When asked if he would like to do one more Bond movie, he replied: “At this moment, no. I’ve got a life, and I’ve got to get on with it a bit. But we’ll see.”

There has been much speculation about who might take over the role, with Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba’s names rumoured to be in the running.

While this is still speculation, we’re not yet sure about Lewis for the role. He doesn’t seem like he could be Bond if you get us, though he is a talented actor. But then, we may be ever so slightly biased, as we have loved Craig’s past excitable outings.

We imagine that all will be revealed soon enough, and though we clearly have no sway over casting, we do think Mr Fassbender would make an excellent choice.

Who would you like to see play Bond next?

Via Daily Mail

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