Hot Dublin: Mulligan Grocer’s

A dream date starts off in Stoneybatter with a fine craft beer (Dungarvan Black Rock Coffee stout in season) and outstanding locavore fare at Mulligan Grocer’s, henceforth the platinum standard for pubs as far as we’re concerned. Stoneybatter isn’t just Dublin’s answer to Shoreditch, it’s becoming a damn fine hub for eating.

Your fellow revellers are guaranteed to be be-bearded and intent on trying as many of the craft beers as they can afford but they don’t just come for the booze. The grub is legendary and rightly so. The fare may sound standard enough- fish and chips, burgers, black pudding, sausage and mash- but it is anything but. The food is how your mother makes it, but with more aplomb. And we love the menus which are tucked inside the kind of books you only see at your granny’s or sold in a car boot sale by the bale. Many’s the date whose faltering conversation has been jumpstarted by a snippet from a volume.

Mulligan’s is also an excellent place to bring visiting friends and relatives from afar. They’ll feel they’ve gotten a glimpse of a Real Irish Pub, complete with fires and characters in a part of town that’s far enough off the tourist trail to make it feel all the more special.




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