In Grief We Are United: Outpouring Of Support For Paris

We’ve spent hours watching the events unfold in horror. Still, we are scarcely able to comprehend the senseless violence, the dark menace that descended on the City of Light on Friday night. The world is in shock, France in a state of emergency as they try to pick up the fragile pieces from their second horrific attack this year. It’s hard to find the words, to say them, or even write them, but the world is united in its grief, and we are going to try and reiterate ours as loudly as possible, to those who need it more than ever. Thousands have taken to social media as their way of proclaiming their support for a nation broken by terror. But Paris and its people are strong – they won’t remain this way for long. Until they find their strength again, hopefully, some of these inspiring words expressing deepest sympathies, acts of kindness or simple words of comfort, will help a nation taking tentative steps toward becoming whole once more.

In case you missed our own piece to Paris this morning, read it here: We Pray For Paris


#PrayForParis ❤️


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