Kate Winslet Refuses To Be Airbrushed

If we needed another reason to love Kate Winslet, here it is. The inspiring, body positive actress has taken her stance against airbrushing a step further and is refusing to allow her latest Lancôme beauty ads to be edited or altered. So no slimming of the face, no removing wrinkles or blemishes, no nothing.

E! News reports that the Mildred Pierce star requested that this clause is specifically written into her contract with L’Oréal because she feels she has a “responsibility to women.”

“I do think we have a responsibility to the younger generation of women,” Winslet said. “I think they do look at magazines, I think they do look to women who have been successful in their chosen careers, and they want people to look up to. And I would always want to be telling the truth about who I am to that generation because they’ve got to have strong leaders.”

Winslet has expressed these sentiments for years and as usual, we have to give her major props for tackling the ageism debate in Hollywood. Previously, she stated during an interview that she would ask photos be reverted to their original state after seeing her face retouched, and explained that ageing doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

“I have wrinkles here, which are very evident,” she told Harper’s Bazaar. “And I will particularly say when I look at movie posters, ‘You guys have airbrushed my forehead. Please, can you change it back?’ I’d rather be the woman they’re saying ‘She’s looking older’ about than ‘She’s looking stoned.’ ”

With ageism being so rife in the entertainment industry today – Kirstin Scott Thomas, Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson and even Anne Hathaway have all expressed their disbelief and disdain on this issue before – we need more figures like Winslet, cementing the issue that ageing is a natural part of life and not something to be feared or associated with negativity.

L’Oréal seems to be a brand spearheading this front also, as they hit back at claims that they had altered Helen Mirren’s beauty campaign (they hadn’t). Fellow actress Emma Robert also recently took part in a completely Photoshop-free campaign, so it seems a positive message is slowly working its way in.

With Winslet spearheading such a debated topic, could unretouched campaigns start to become the norm? We hope so.

Via E! News


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