Kim Kardashian To Give Talk On ‘Female Objectification’

Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian has gotten a few people in a tizzy after news emerged that she is to give a lecture on the subject of ‘Female Objectification.’

The selfie queen is giving a talk at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California later this month about a number of topics, including her family, the business of millennial culture, and the objectification of women. It’s been described as a ‘lecture/seminar’, and (unsurprisingly or not) the tickets, which cost $300 a pop, have already sold out.

We find the irony of the whole thing a tad perplexing, as this is the woman who knowingly covered herself head-to-toe in oil and allowed herself to be photographed fully naked, yet she wants to talk about the objectification of women.

The argument, however, could be spilt two ways; is this simply Kim K seeking out more attention (yet again), or is there no better woman to talk about the topic? Arguably, she’s in complete control of her own objectification via her ‘Sefie’ book, social media accounts and so on, but it’s something that she does deliberately (objectifies herself and frequently her body) for good, bad or indifferent purposes, so we’re not sure about this one. Is she really the ideal woman to speak on the subject? Social media reacted both ways:

Here is what those attending will be hearing all about, according to the event description: “Kim Kardashian West has taken everything that is modern day society – from selfies to self-promotion to sexuality- embraced it, monetised it and now we’re going to talk about it. Join Kim Kardashian West at INFORUM for a public interview to dish on her new book Selfish, the Kardashian Jenner clan, the business of millennial culture, the objectification of women in media, and more.”

It will certainly be interesting to hear her thoughts on the subject, but we’re not sure we’d pay that amount to do so!

What do you think about this?



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