Kristen Bell & Melissa McCarthy Make An Adorably Hilarious Duo

You know when you google a question like “Does Taylor Swift have a PhD?” , or, “Does Robin Wright age?”? Don’t lie, it takes more than one person to wonder for it to become an autocomplete option on Google.Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 15.55.09

Well Vanity Fair  have decided to capitalise on our most popular wonderings with a recurring sketch asking celebrities to answer Google autocomplete questions about them. Following along from the successful, and frequently viral, “Lip Sync Battle” segment of his show and Jame’s Corden US-career-making “Carpool Karaoke”, the clips are simple and always hilarious so props to Vanity Fair‘s digital team.

This episode stars The Boss co-stars Kristen Bell and Melissa stop-asking-me-about-The-Gilmore-Girls McCarthy and the two comediennes do not disappoint. In a broad-ranging chat the two answer questions about whether Kristin’s curtains matches her drapes (her words, not ours) and Melissa McCarthy’s large book collection.

Bonus Facts: Melissa McCarthy has a huge head and Kristen Bell says “tattoo” funny. Tit-too. Check out the video below…

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