Love/Hate Is Back!



First things first: if you somehow didn’t realize Love/Hate was back on TV screens last night, please leave now. Not even the largest rock should or could have protected you from the knowledge that Nidge and the boyos were back in town, doing the dirt as they do.

This is what we’ve learned: Even in a coma on a gurney we’re swooning at Tommy and hoping he’ll somehow snap out of it and seek revenge on everyone. The chances of this are slim to none, but we can dream.


Meanwhile, Siobhan is a one-woman wonder, with the power to take the whole drug-war thing down with the help of her hardfaced pals in the Gardai. Will she, though? That new Paulie may be her downfall.

Nidge is as terrifying as ever. We also now know that he is, without doubt, the world’s finest hide and seek champ. Oh, and after seeing his little ‘holiday/business trip’ we’ll never sit happily on a Ryanair flight to Mallorca again.


We’ve all heard the rumous that one major character is set to be popped off this season and we can’t help but feel it could be poor Fran. It’s only been one episode and he’s already narrowly avoided death via baseball bat and he’s really, really bad at hiding his feelings towards Nidge. We would advise he works on his bitchy resting face and drops the catchphrase, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Nidgey’.  Mind yourself, Franno.

Love/Hate meme

Quote of the night goes to looks-like-a-teddy-bear-would-kill-you-with-his-bare-hands Patrick. “I don’t want your money – take it back and use it to buy a headstone”. Oh, snap!



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