Maeve Higgins on Amy Schumer’s Show

Maeve Higgins on Amy Schumer's Show

Maeve Higgins has long been considered one of Ireland’s foremost female comedians, thanks in large parts to her unforgettable skits on Naked Camera. Given the relatively small pool of opportunities in Ireland, however, it wasn’t long before Maeve took her talents elsewhere. Having recently made the move to the Big Apple, this comedienne has just landed herself a supremely impressive role alongside America’s woman of the moment, Amy Schumer.

Here, Maeve appears in Amy’s latest skit about doggy daycare for Inside Amy Schumer. You’ll recognise fellow SNL alumn Rachel Dratch in there too.

A proud day for Maeve’s fellow Corkonians. Given the enormity of Schumer in the states right now, she would be quite the connection to have. We’re expecting big things in store for Miss Higgins.


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