Paris Je T’aime: Beautiful Artwork From The City Of Light

Today we are united in our grief as the City of Light is ensconced in (temporary) darkness. But we will not be silenced. We will stand united, alongside France as we wait for her restoration to her former, glorious self.  As we pray for Paris, thousands took to social media to send messages of support, peace, hope and most importantly, joy to those affected by the horrific tragedy of Friday night. And it is this symbol that has become synonymous with our positive message:

ICYMI: We Pray For Paris

“Peace for Paris” Illustration by @jean_jullien #jesuisparis

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Created by Instagram user @jean_jullien, this poignant sketch has been circulating social media to honour the victims. The symbol, including Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower in the form of a peace sign, shows solidarity with the French capital and has been shared amongst the masses along with the hashtags #PrayforParis and #jesuisparis. This has inspired many others to create sunning and inspiring artwork as a sign of support and we have a selection of some of them here. Paris is a beautiful, strong city and this is reflected in this wonderful work. It says, Paris, we are here for you. We support you and will do all and everything we can to help.

#prayforparis © A photo posted by J A S M I N E D A Y O T (@asdjamfgh) on


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#PrayForParis #France #Paris A photo posted by ارجـوكـ اعفينـي (@blackk86) on

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Un dessin qui représente bien les Français #PrayForParis A photo posted by #LesVacancesDesAnges (@lesangesdelatv) on

#nowar #prayforparis

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No words, just the pic. #Notafraid #PRAYFORPARIS #stopviolence #Lalibertéguidantlepeuple A photo posted by Resha Fernando (@missbrightside_rf) on

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PrayForParis #paris#13novembre2015#prayforparis#prayforparis

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Our thoughts are with #Paris, as well as with #Beirut and #Baghdad #StopViolence

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#prayforparis #marykaycosmetics

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