Readers’ Choice 2013

We re-launched this site a scant eight months ago and since then we’ve learned a lot about what you like best.  Here’s a roundup of your favourite articles so far, in case you missed them first time round. Enjoy!

Because, naturally, you love nothing better than a good snoop around someone’s home (who doesn’t!):

Seaside Chic

A Family Affair

And meeting inspiring women who love what they do:

Caroline Keeling, IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year 2013

Waxpert Ellen Kavanagh

Marketing guru Jo Farrelly 

Tropical Popical’s Andrea Horan

Bow’s Eilis Boyle

Oncologist Jenny Westrup

You’re also drawn to social pics but especially if they feature dodgy hairdos and dubious frocks.

Trinity Law Ball 1999

1999 Rathdown Debs

And equally, serious stuff like first person stories of trial and tribulation from eloquent guest bloggers…

Triona McCarthy I Hate Cancer

Jeanne Sutton A New Reality

Finally, your happiest moments coincide nicely with some of ours- boy, do you love a good love story and IMAGE’s new wedding publication BASH, the second issue of which has just hit newsstands now.

Real Wedding: Aisling and David

A Day in the Life of BASH Editor Kate O’Dowd

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