Rosie Hackett Racket

Remember how last year there was this whole hullabaloo regarding the naming of the new Luas bridge? And then people pointed out how it was high time they named said bridge after a woman because the rest are called after men? Well, after a sustained campaign from a group called A Bridge for Rosie this dream came true. The Rosie in question was Rosie Hackett, one of the nearly forgotten heroines of the 1913 lockout and one of the printers of the 1916 proclamation – we can’t think of anyone more fitting. To celebrate the campaign’s victory there is a night of music and spoken word planned for this Saturday evening, International Women’s Day and all. Writer, actor and all round wit Tara Flynn will host the event with jazz band Zrazy performing and words from Kitty Holland and Justine McCarthy amongst others. Kicking off this Saturday in the Cois Life Bar, Liberty Hall at seven and ends at ten. For more details see here.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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