Sarah Jessica Parker Teases Latest Sharon Horgan Series ‘Divorce’

Sarah Jessica Parker last night unveiled a snippet of Sharon Horgan’s new eagerly-awaited HBO series ‘Divorce’. The former Sex and The City star revealed the first official trailer for the series via her Twitter account, giving fans a quick glimpse of what to expect. This has been SJP’s first leading role since the Manhattan franchise ended in 2004.

Irish native Horgan is one of the driving forces behind the new and anticipated romcom-drama series, which is due to air this Autumn. In the meantime, however, Horgan is enjoying the success of her highly entertaining and engaging UK sitcom series Catastrophe, which aired earlier this year. In a witty and comical humour, the series depicts Sharon and her now husband, who ended up together after a brief fling on a business trip which resulted in Horgan falling pregnant. Following her brilliant performances, the writer, actress, and well-rounded funny woman took home the prize for Best Female Comedy Performance at this year’s British Academy Television Awards. In a bold move in 2014, Horgan co-established her own television and film production company with producer Clelia Mountford. Although the company, named Merman, has had a relatively short existence so far, has already produced Little Cracker films for Sky, Season 3 of Todd Margaret for IFC, Sara Pascoe’s Funny Valentine for the BBC, co-produced Catastrophe for Channel 4/Amazon Prime and now HBO’s eagerly awaited vehicle for Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce. Check out the 45-second teaser below.

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