Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Anti-Gay Viewer

shonda rhimes

Not yet familiar with Shonda Rhimes? You should be. She’s the highly regarded and talented American writer, director and producer behind such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. She’s also a woman that shoots from the hip, never afraid to share her views with anyone who dares to challenge her, whether it’s a journalist describing her lead character as a ‘sassy, angry black woman’ or someone of an anti-gay persuasion.

shonda rhimes

Recently, Miss Rhimes received a tweet from someone who, while they enjoyed Scandal for the most part, felt the ‘gay scenes’ were just too much and totally unnecessary. Little did they know how quickly Rhimes would put them back in their box, bringing their ignorance to the attention of her legion of discerning fans and leaving them, well, mortified. We quite enjoyed her retorts.

shonda rhimes

Life is good in Shondaland.

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