Sophie Hunter: Future Mrs. Cumberbatch

sophie hunter

Here’s what we know about the future Mrs. Benedict Cumberbatch.

– She’s not us.

– Her name is Sophie Hunter.

– She graduated from Oxford before decamping to Paris to train as an actress at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq.

– She’s into puppets.

– Seriously. Sophie Hunter is also an award-winning director and her most acclaimed production told Ernest Shackleton’s story on stage with marionettes. Avant-garde is the word you’re looking for.

– She’s mad talented. Not only is she an actress and opera singer, she recorded a French language album in 2005.

– This engagement is not a drill. These two are an item even if Cumberbitches the world over are in denial. A red carpet appearance means forever.

– She attended the Manhattan premiere of Benedict’s new movie, The Imitation Game, last night with her fiancé and wore an Erdem floral maxi gown.

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