Taking Care of Others this Christmas

take care of others

The horrible news of the homeless man from Kilkenny dying on the steps on Molesworth St, mere metres from the Dáil have reverberated around the country in the past 24 hours. Only one person; Sophie Pigott, bothered to stop and look at the man who appeared in trouble. The thoughts of how many others may have walked past this poor man as he lived his last moments is heartbreaking.

The level of homelessness on our streets is too high. The amount of people who don’t look, or who choose not to see is too high. These are the invisible people.

Ok, so what if you don’t feel you want to engage, you feel fearful, you feel uneasy with the situation? Donate to the people who are not – the charities such as Focus Ireland and the Simon Community who are tirelessly trying to support the people who are lost on our streets.

Please, don’t walk past them Christmas without promising yourself to help if you can, please begin to look, to really see…

It’s time to take care of others.


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