The Auld Triangle

We find ourselves asking this question all too often – but seriously – is there anything Justin Timberlake can’t do? The pop-icon-cum-movie-star has recently braved a feat that would dismay the most courageous – tackling the Auld Triangle for the latest Coen Brothers movie Inside Llewyn Davis. In spite of the ‘shtick’ ole JT is getting, we feel he does a rather fabulous job with this Luke Kelly classic that was originially written for Brendan Behan’s The Quare Fellow, his voice lending itself unexpectedly well to the tune previously tackled by the likes of Bono and Shane McGowan. Aside from giving the song a new lease of life, he also does so in good company with the waist-coated, booted chaps from Mumford and Sons. And he wears a rather fetching wooly jumper for the occasion what’s more, so who cares if he has a slightly Irishized accent. He’s simply wunderbar and we have no shame in saying so….


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