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Body & Soul Festival

The sun has been splitting the trees all weekend and thousands flocked to the Body & Soul Festival in Ballinlough Castle. Today is the last day of the event. We’ve (those from the team who haven’t gone) have had major cases of FOMO and episodes of what we can only describe as pure psychotic jealously, but it hasn’t been all bad. Thanks to the power of Instagram and social media we’ve had a glimpse of how fabulous the whole thing has been, and rounded up a few of our favourite snaps for you below. They were so good that we just couldn’t ignore them. Are any of your snaps featured?

No wonder she looks so happy:

@bodyandsoulirl #bodysoul15 #happyhead #sombero @absolutirl #absolut #costume #festivalfashion

A photo posted by rachelkiernan (@rachelkiernan) on

This ‘shift shack’ is an amazing idea:

Sure it wouldn’t be an Irish festival without some shiftin’ – now we’ve got a shack for it #bodysoul15 A photo posted by Body&Soul (@bodyandsoulirl) on

The whole set up looked totally gorgeous:

#bodysoul15 #centrestage

A photo posted by @hauhey on

As it did when the sun went in:

Savages and their moody rock have officially landed on Ballinlough #bodysoul15

A photo posted by Body&Soul (@bodyandsoulirl) on

We love how happy everyone looked:

#bodyandsoul #festival #dance #bodysoul15 A photo posted by Faye Govan (@fgovan) on

Una enjoying the big dickie!! #bigdickie #bowtie #marktcox #bodysoul15 #bodyandsoul @oonag7

A photo posted by Mark T Cox (@markteacox) on

Yes. In charge of the #shiftshack #humans of #bodyandsoul #bodysoul15 A photo posted by ClaireHogan (@angorachile) on

Not to mention some of the amazing costumes etc:

#bodysoul15 #humans of #bodyandsoul #maskedball @mcgranca @eimearhogan

A photo posted by ClaireHogan (@angorachile) on

Awh! #slapandtickle #bodysoul15 A photo posted by Veda (@vedalady) on

We bet all the acts were brilliant:

Dan Deacon and the boyoz #dandeacon #bodysoul15 A photo posted by @adamkeni on

It’s a Dan Deacon Dance Party in the Body & Soul arena! #bodysoul15

A photo posted by Body&Soul (@bodyandsoulirl) on

Spectacular night! #bodysoul15 #slapandtickle A photo posted by Veda (@vedalady) on

And we can’t believe we missed “The Goonies.” RAGE:

Today’s menu at @bodyandsoulirl #lighthousecinema #bodysoul15 #bodyandsoul15 #thegoonies #dazedandconfused A photo posted by Light House Cinema (@lighthousecinema) on

Enjoy the last day, you lucky things.

Dance. #bodysoul15

A photo posted by Body&Soul (@bodyandsoulirl) on


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