The New eBay

The new eBay is like a dream shop – you walk in and everything you could possibly be interested in is right there in front of you without any need to rummage or shop hop – Ray Bans, Ikea garden furniture, electric tooth brushes, Burberry trench coats, all on the one page for you to lust after. Since this summer eBay has got all pretty. It functions like Pinterest, remembering and saving things you’re interested in and connecting them – a mood board of your own personal taste. Lethal for those indulging in retail therapy, its visually captivating new format lures you into hours of beautiful browsing and shopping. It acts as a personal shopper, with each selection becoming more specific to your preferences as you continue your search, allowing you to return and add more to your board later. So far in we’ve bought a phone cover, a new wallet, a pair of vintage sunglasses and a waterproof pouf for the terrace. We’re going to have to log out and exercise some self-control, it’s too fab!

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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