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Brian O’Driscoll, Love/Hate and Garth Brooks dominated social media in Ireland in 2014.

In stats revealed by Twitter headquarters, the trio came out on top of the list of topics which trended most often in Ireland this year. Surprisingly it wasnt the Love/Hate finale which drew the most tweets about the show. It was in fact that harrowing episode in which Siobhán pushed Paulie off the balcony and to his death which caused the biggest spike in Irish Twitter traffic throughout the year. The prize for the tv show which trended most often in Ireland throughout the whole year went to TV3’s Vincent Browne Show.

Garthgate was the top trending news story in Ireland in 2014 as his on/off concerts caused anger and hilarity in equal measure across the country. In sporting terms, Brian O’Driscoll’s tweet in which he posted a picture of his jersey and his boots hanging up in the Irish locker room after his last match for Ireland was retweeted almost forty thousand times.

Globally, the year of the Selfie began with one of Twitter’s most retweeted tweets of all time., Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie. The picture which contained stars such as Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and many more has been retweeted almost 3.5 million times. The most talked about news stories of 2014 included the death of Robin Williams, the terrible trouble taking place in Ferguson, the Sottish independence referendum and the disappearance of flight MH14.

Youtube have also revealed their playlists of the most watched videos across the globe in 2014. The revelation that the singalong video for Frozen’s Let It Go was the most watched video in Ireland caused shock in our offices (not really…). Father Ray Kelly’s surprising rendition of Hallelujah and the oh so cute yet somewhat terrifying two year old who raged at her mother for not letting her sing also feature in the top 10.

On a worldwide scale, the horrific mutant giant spider prank had just short of 115 million people shuddering at the thought of being one of its victims. The gorgeous First Kiss video and 10 Hours of Walking in NYC also trended on the video streaming site throughout the year.

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