Watch: Kristen Stewart Takes Down Sexism In Interviews

Beware the journalist who poses sexist questions in the company of today’s movie stars; they’re on to you and they don’t like it. Having watched the video below, in which Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg highlight the jaded sexist nature of such interviews, you’ll certainly think twice the next time you consider asking Scarlett Johansson how she gets in shape to play Black Widow or how Sandra Bullock juggles being a mom with being an Oscar winning actress.

Cleverly, Jesse and Kristen are using this Funny Or Die video to promote their new movie American Ultra which hits cinemas later this month. In an attempt to get into the swing of the press junket monotony, Eisenberg and Stewart warm up by interviewing each other, only this time, it seems the questions typically asked of Stewart are put to her male co-star, and vice versa.

Jesse tackles questions typically associated with female actors such as ‘are you currently seeing anyone’ and ‘have your boobs ever slipped out’ while Kristen gets asked how she bulks up and who she supports in sports.

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