Watch: Ryan Gosling Really Wants To Meet Santa

Though the weekend is almost done, a dose of Ryan Gosling into your evening will surely make you feel better. Gosling appeared on (and hosted) Saturday Night Live this weekend and gleefully participated in a series of festively-themed sketches, the best of which we’re about to show you.

In the sketch titled, ‘Santa Baby‘, Gosling and SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer play a new-to-town couple at a neighbour’s Christmas party. They are the embodiment of every annoyingly over-the-top pairing you’re (probably) bound to meet at some point over the festive season: a little too friendly, and way overdoing it with the public display of affection. Still, they come across as fairly likeable at the start, but it isn’t until talk of Santa comes up that Bayer and Gosling reveal how serious they are about meeting the “real” Man in Red.  They abandon all Christmas party etiquette and make serious threats with pointed candy canes, yell and generally terrify their guests.

It’s cringingly creepy and completely hilarious.

Not since we witnessed Ryan Reynolds lose his mind trying to assemble IKEA furniture have we watched anything this funny – Gosling should seriously consider more comedic roles.

Watch it below and prepare to laugh:

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