Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer

pitch perfect 2

Last week we got super excited to see the teaser trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 drop during the Super Bowl, and now, our girl-crushin’ hearts are beating out of our chest. The official trailer has landed.

The sequel to the smash-hit a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect, takes place at the international a cappella tournament. The Barden Bellas have to face off with a very efficient and pneumatic German group.

The opening scene of the trailer already has us guffawing into our tea. Let’s just say it opens with Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy having an intimate wardrobe malfunction on stage. Also, Pitch Perfect 2 marks the directorial debut of actress and producer Elizabeth Banks. Go team! This is going to be a pretty exciting year for female directors, after all, Sam Taylor Johnson might break some records this weekend with the opening of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Have a watch of the hilarious trailer below.

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