Watch: The Video For Adele’s New Single Is Very Emotional


Adele is back, and it’s no longer just a rumour or a teaser, there’s a brand new single – Hello – and a full-length, six minute video to boot. Hurrah! There’s been an Adele shaped hole in our lives, a dearth of songs that bring on the tears when we need them but thankfully, we need suffer no more. Needless to say, the song is out of this world good. Adele’s vocal is as strong as ever if even a little more mature and raspier than what we were used to with her previous two albums. She’s certainly grown up, and the experiences that life have thrust upon her will be palpable through her music. If this track is anything to go by, the rest of the ’25’ album will deliver on all counts. And what’s really amazing to see is the Oscar winning songstress turn her hand to acting, as she does far more in this here video than just bellow at a camera. Fans of The Wire (obsessed, guilty) will be thrilled to see actor Tristan Wilds play the part of Adele’s lost lover in ‘Hello’. He also played the role of Dixon in the most recent re-imagining of 90210 but enough of that, we digress.

It’s all about Adele, and if you’ve ever been through a break-up and found it hard to move on, you’ll certainly relate. The album drops on November 20th, and we are beside ourselves with excitement.

Behold, some sepia-toned magic. And if you’re fragile or hungover today, we advise you watch this video with a Kleenex.

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