Watch: This Movie Mashup Of “Hello” Is Genius

2015 has truly been the year of Adele, which is impressive as she only announced her comeback mere weeks ago. We’ve seen many covers slash spoofs of her hit track ‘Hello’ (we’re particularly fond of Ellen Degeneres’ clip), and we know you’ve heard it a zillion times already, but this version might just be the best yet.

In what shows a serious amount of dedication, one movie buff has compiled his own unique version of Hello – sung by movie characters. Dutch YouTuber Matthijs Vlot spliced together lines from classic films to get some of our very favourite film heroes (James Bond, Professor McGonagall, E.T, Ron Burgundy, Pumbaa) together to remix the now classic tune and it is GENIUS. It’s already gone viral since it appeared online just days ago, with over 1 million hits already.

This is the one edit that will make you laugh, instead of cry.

Watch it below for a good giggle this Sunday morning:

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