Watch: World’s Greatest Adele Impersonator Is A Cute 2-Year-Old

baby adele

It’s Monday; your mind is still in bed but your body is at your desk. Ease yourself in gently with this much-needed dose of cuteness. Destined to become one of the world’s greatest celebrity lip sync artists – and she’d better get a recurring slot with Jimmy Fallon – two-year-old Bexlee Marieel fancies herself quite the Adele impersonator. And for such a teeny tiny person, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to imagine that Oscar-winning voice emanating from a baby’s mouth. It’s hilarious, it’s cute, and we hope her parents re-post a reaction video when she’s all grown up and watches the clip that made her an internet sensation.

Testament to Adele’s popularity with all ages, she’s even managed to resonate with a two-year-old.

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