Why Are Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Fighting?

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Are the MTV VMAs the bitchiest awards show going? Every year it seems that the star-studded ceremony attracts molasses of Drama. This year Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift have decided to kick off the shade throwing earlier than usual, starting a Twitter argument the day nominations were released.

Taylor Swift garnered nine nominations, a streak that surprised no one considering her album 1989 and its various hit singles broke records. However, Nicki Minaj, while garnering three nominations including Best Female Video and Best Hip Hop Video for Anaconda, was a little miffed she missed out on a nod for Video of the Year, a category Taylor’s Bad Blood was included in.

Here’s how it all played out…



Is Nicki overreacting? Or is Taylor totally missing the point? Much as we love the Shake It Off singer, we think she needs to try and see where Nicki is coming from on this one.

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