Why Cat Videos Are Good For You

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Recently we told you of a study that allayed our guilt around watching cute animal videos during work hours; it actually makes us more productive. Hurrah! Now, another study further supports this theory, especially in relation to cat videos, which of course, are the best. Did you know that just last year, cat videos alone had over 26 billion views? If you thought that was a lot of time wasted, think again.

A study by Dr Jessica Gall Myrick, PHD, of Indiana University set out to discover both why we watch cat videos in the first place, and how the watching of said cat videos can influence our mood.

Dr Myrick examined the behaviours of 7,000 people, however it should be noted that a third of those who took part in the survey were self-confessed ‘cat people’. She found that those who procrastinate in this manner feel their mood uplifted just enough to squash any feelings of guilt or stress, given that the’d have to stop their actual work to watch the videos. Their energy also increased.

Myrick said she felt “compelled to gather some data about this pop culture phenomenon,” and while it may not seem like a serious topic, “if we want to better understand the effects the Internet may have on us as individuals and on society, then researchers can’t ignore Internet cats anymore.”

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Myrick continues, explaining that “even if they are watching cat videos on YouTube to procrastinate or while they should be working, the emotional payoff may actually help people take on tough tasks afterward.”

So there you have it, even more reason to schedule in some cat video time. Behold, three of our all time favourites.

1. The Ninja Cat. Watch Till The End.

2. The Cat Who Can’t Quite Wrap It’s Head Around This Printer.

3. The Kitten Who Is Continually Surprised By Tickles.

And, what the hell, here’s another.

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