Watch: This Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video Is Too Sweet For Words

We’ve come across just the video to perk up your Sunday. We admit that we have a soft spot for cute baby videos her at, and this one is sweet and touching.

Proud parents-to-be John and Sarah Jennings have gone the extra mile to capture their pregnancy and birth of their baby, by creating this unique pregnancy time-lapse video. The clip chronicles the 9-month pregnancy in just three minutes as Sarah and John painstakingly get their baby room ready. They shot a series of photos every week for nine months while they painted a picture and set up the nursery.

The couple has been decidedly creative from the beginning as several months earlier; the Jennings had built an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine in order to announce the gender of their baby. Late last year, this creative couple had also created a stunning mural to announce her pregnancy. The clip has gone viral since it was posted online recently.

Either way, we love the video (we’d love a baby room as gorgeous as that), which you can watch above.

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