5 Ways To Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe

On cold, wet, windswept days, it’s easy to feel like you’re fading into sartorial obscurity, swaddled, like everyone around you, in layers of charcoal and black, navy and slate. But there are simple ways to elevate your winter wardrobe without resorting to head-to-toe colour-blocking. Here are five strategies I swear by.

1 Add movement

Even if you’re wearing head-to-toe black, a fringed trim, which will swing gently each time you move, will add interest and personality to your look. This Zara top has a longer-length fringed hem for more dramatic motion.

Fringed lace top, €29.95 at Zara

2 Embrace texture

Dark colours become less dominating when reimagined in soft, tactile textures. This gorgeous velvet dress will catch the light and reflect it beautifully, creating an almost patterned effect and breaking up the blockiness of this midnight shade.

Long black velvet dress, €150 at

3 Try a trim

None of us wants to look generic, but sometimes we all enjoy the comfort of gnarled neutrals. Try punctuating them with a vibrant trim. This tangerine-edged Topshop jumper means you can have the best of both worlds.

Bright trim Marie jumper, €46 at Topshop

4 Bring a bit of bling

A touch of hardware on a dark coloured handbag is a great way to elevate it beyond ordinary and ensure it stands out as a fashion piece rather than just a utilitarian object. The chain trim and handle of this Stella McCartney tote look urban but chic, while the subtle star print adds a nice but subtle decorative touch.

Printed black denim shoulder bag, Stella McCartney, €900 at

5 Go oversized

When wearing dark colours head to toe, silhouette is key. Try going oversized or extra-long with your outerwear for a more theatrical look. It will distinguish you from the rest of the anorak/pea coat-wearing posse.

Wool-blend coat, €120 at H&M

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