Can I Wear Overalls Over 40?

Yes … and no. Unless you’ve got Emmanuelle Alt’s figure and inherent sense of style, denim overalls are a bit of a risk. The key to taking this traditionally utilitarian piece and transforming it into a grown-up, sophisticated item is to reimagine it in smart fabrics and eschew its usual sloppy silhouette for a more tailored fit instead. Here are six chic ways to wear overalls, at any age.

Nothing says sharp and smart quite like tweed. Overalls feel more like suiting here when paired with a matching overcoat.

Utilitarian khaki is softened with a gorgeous furry jacket, and elevated by high heels and an elegant choker. Despite the workaday fabric, the fitted waist creates a feminine shape, enhanced by the hint of a bra strap.

Wide-leg trousers with front creasing and smart turn-ups give the overalls a complete refresh.

The other danger of an overall is that you wind up looking like you’re ten, especially when experimenting with colour. But this zip-front detail adds a sophisticated sexiness here, while a tweed jacket and crisp white shirt add to the “professional” vibe. Chic not cutesy.

I love this look. Oversized pockets add a strong fashion edge, while the belted waist creates an extremely feminine silhouette. There’s nothing car mechanic-like about this piece.

Neutrals are always a good foil for a fashion-forward silhouette. Choosing an overall with minimum detailing like this one means a standout bell-bottom sleeve feels just right.

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