Why Everyone Wants A Pair Of Mom Jeans

The fashion world loves to embrace irony, and right now Mom jeans are the industry’s latest sartorial paradox. With “soccer mom” associations, they sound anything but cool, yet they’re the must-have denims of every member of the fashion front row right now. What they offer, though, is the elongating properties of a high waist and full-length leg, and the comfort of a structured, not skinny, fit. Making them look urban rather than suburban is all in the styling. Here’s some inspiration from the stars of the street.

A couple of quirky patches add attitude to these Mom jeans. The pale blue wash could look a little insipid, but it’s given warmth with textures like wool and suede, and definition with black accessories.

There’s nothing suburban about this ensemble. A utilitarian khaki jacket creates a street-wise look, while the bra top adds an athleisure undertone, which is so on-trend for this season. Reimagine this look by trading the bra top for a corset-style top and wearing it over a boyish shirt.

I love how the below outfit has been styled. The chunky heeled loafers and metallic top bring a real shot of glamour to the denim, plus I prefer the darker wash of these jeans.

The centre seam of these denims add to their elongating properties. The elaborate sleeves make a really strong fashion statement too.

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