Fat Amy Becomes Fashion Designer

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson, star of Pitch Perfect (and Pitch Perfect 2), is now a bonafide fashion designer. Most famous for her role as Fat Amy on the much-loved movie (though she’s been on our radar since she popped up in Bridesmaids), this awesome Aussie has added another impressive string to her bow. She’s teaming up with American plus-size brand Torrid for a Christmas collection launching this November.

Wilson pays homage to her Aussie roots with koala prints on certain pieces. Cute. You can expect everything from dresses to accessories in her 25-piece collection.

A collaboration with an existing brand is the first step; will Rebel go on to develop her own line delivering wearable, fashion-forward looks for the plus-size woman? And will any Irish retailers take note of her sartorial endeavours, bringing her work to the Emerald Isle? We hope so!

Major kudos to this comedy whizz.

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